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President Alexander with his Portuguese 
Water Dogs, Rosinha and Periwinkle. 

Dasell College 

Dear Lasell Community, 

You have probably already noticed that this edition of Leaves looks a bit different. Like the College 
in general, Leaves is evolving. In this and future issues you will see more color, larger photos and an 
easier-to-handle format. And you will continue to receive the same great content you've come to 
count on us for. 

In these pages, you'll read about some of the remarkable individuals whose passion for learning 
inspires their philanthropy. These are people like Nancy Lawson Donahue '49, Chair of the 
fundraising initiative for our new Center for the Creative and Applied Arts (page 3), whose leadership 
donation will result in her name being attached to the Center; and Yolanda Cellucci, who made a 
contribution to the Lasell Fashion Collection and is Honorary Co-Chair of the initiative (page 3). 

We have a saying here at Lasell: "Nothing ever stays the same — if you aren't getting better, you are 
getting worse." Just as Leaves grows into what we expect will be a stronger publication, so do we 
constantly strive for excellence in the education we provide. That is why we have 10 faculty searches 
in progress for next fall, why next year three-credit First Year Seminar courses will be required for 
all incoming students and why we now mandate at least one internship and a capstone experience in 
every academic program. That also is why we are focused on beginning construction of the Donahue 
Center for the Creative and Applied Arts (see opposite page) as soon as possible — so that the entire 
Lasell community can experience the benefit of four new studio classrooms, two regular classrooms, 
housing for new faculty and a big boost to our Fashion and Arts programs. 

This progress would not be possible without the continued support from you, our most loyal alumni. 
You have been so generous in the past, yet we ask again for your help; a pledge to the fundraising 
initiative will enable us to break ground on the Donahue Center as early as this spring or summer. 

I want to call special attention to the moving events at the College this year in response to the disaster 
in Haiti (page 12). In classes, in clubs and organizations, in prayer services and all across campus," 
we continue to see tangible examples of emotional, moral and financial support for the dozens in our 
community, and the millions in the world, who have been affected by this tragedy. This compassionate 
outpouring is yet another example of why I am so honored to be a part of the special place that is 
Lasell. As alumni of this venerable institution, you, too, deserve to share in that pride. 


Michael B. Alexander 


Mixed Sources 

Product group from well-managed 
forests, controlled sources and 
recycled wood or fiber Cert no. BV-COC-070805 
© 1 996 Forest Stewardship Council 

4^W Lasell College Green Campus 
Jff ^k Initiative — Single-stream recycling 
'H^^ allows students, faculty and staff to 
recycle most of their waste, all within one bin! 
In the first three months of single-stream recycling 
on campus, four tons of waste was saved from 
the landfill. You can help the Lasell College Green 
Campus initiative by registering for Reunion 
Weekend online. Every step matters in reaching 
our goal, no matter how small! , 

Josh Kraft Keynote Speaker at May 16 Commencement 

Josh Kraft, the President and CEO of the 
Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston, will address 
students, families, faculty and staff as the 
keynote speaker and honorary degree 
recipient at Lasell's 1 56th commencement 
ceremony on Sunday, May 16. 

An entrepreneurial leader and experienced 
manager, Kraft has brought his dedication to 
youth development work to the Boys & Girls 

Clubs, where high-impact programs enable 
more than 14,000 children and teens from 
low-income Greater Boston neighborhoods 
to become responsible citizens and leaders. 
He is the founding executive director of the 
Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston's Gerald and 
Darlene Jordan Club in Chelsea. Kraft also 
manages community relations as director of 
strategic partnerships for the New England 
Patriots Foundation. 


%&m$ mm 


Donahue: 'The Arts Do 
Something for the Soul' 

Nancy Donahue. 

It's a noble 
idea to give 
to others 
what you do 
not need, 
but how 
many people 
really put 
that into 

Alumna and Trustee Emerita Nancy 
Lawson Donahue '49 is one. 

Donahue, whose name adorns the 
Donahue Institute for Values and Public 
Life and the Donahue Bookstore 
through her past generosity to the 
College, recently gave another 
leadership-level gift to the planned 
Center for the Creative and Applied 
Arts (CCAA). 

That, too, will bear her name to honor 
her philanthropy. 

"My husband Richard and I feel very 
fortunate to be able to give not only 
to Lasell but also to many things in our 
community, including Boston's JFK 

Library and institutions in our hometown 
of Lowell. We would frankly rather give 
it away than spend it on ourselves," says 
Donahue, who is Chair of the CCAA 
fundraising initiative. 

The always-modest Donahue is thrilled 
to be able to offer a major gift toward 
the new Center, which will provide 
much-needed storage space for the 
College's Fashion Collection, expanded 
studio space for fashion design classes 
and additional space for the performing 
and creative arts at the Yamawaki Art 
and Cultural Center. 

"This adds a whole dimension to the 
campus," she says. "Creative arts are 
terribly important, and fashion is one 
of Lasell's premier degrees. Creating — 
whether it be music, theater or fashion 
— it's all tied together [through 
the Center]." 

Donahue, a fashion merchandising 
major while at Lasell, is a strong 
supporter of the arts who participated 
in several arts-related activities while 
on campus including singing in the 
Orphean Club. She is pleased to see 

On the Quad: The north side of the Center will complete the Bragdon Quadrangle. 

the College's renewed emphasis on 
drama, singing and music over the past 
year with the revival of both the Drama 
Club and College Chorus. 

"I really do think it is a whole 
experience that young people must 
have — to be involved in the arts," 
she adds. "The arts do something 
for the soul." 

But Donahue's generosity also stems 
from the warmth and collegial 
atmosphere she experienced at Lasell 
and the strong friendships she built 
that are still vibrant today. 

"It was a nurturing environment," she 
says, adding that a tight connection 
to the College can translate into future 
giving as it has for many of her Lasell 
'49 classmates. 

While Lasell President Michael B. 
Alexander and others at the College are 
working hard to build affinity among 

today's students, they recognize that 
Donahue holds a unique place in 
Lasell's philanthropic history. "Nancy 
was a leader and loyal alumna when 
we were a struggling school with 394 
students, and she continues in that 
leadership role now that we are a 
robust college of over 1,600 students, 
including graduate students," President 
Alexander says. 

As the College expands, he adds, 
its core values — those that help 
keep the ties to Lasell strong long 
after graduation — will continue. 

"The tenets of Lasell's student focus — 
on social responsibility, integrity and 
ethical decision-making — will always 
remain," he says. "Our alums will 
always see that." 

Which is why Donahue, whose Lasell 
memories resonate with a college 
that nurtures ethics, morals and good 
common sense, continues to give back. 

The Yolanda Touch 

For Boston fashion icon Yolanda, it's all 
about glamour. 

Yolanda Cellucci, who for decades 
dressed the super stylish from her 
Waltham salon, lives and breathes 
her mission to keep elegance and 
glamour alive. 

Now she has brought her special touch 
to Lasell — where she has formed a 
strong bond over the years. Yolanda 
recently signed on as Honorary 
Co-Chair of the fundraising initiative 
to build a new Center for the Creative 
and Applied Arts (CCAA). 

The partnership is a perfect fit, as the 
new Center will give Lasell's Fashion 
Collection more room for storage and 
will create studio and classroom space 
for Lasell's fashion design students. 

"The Center will help bring back the 
elegance of fashion and style for young 
people who are now creating their 
future in fashion," Yolanda says. 

Yolanda's connection with the College 
began many years ago after she met 
several Lasell fashion professors 
through a professional organization, 
Fashion Group of Boston. Since then, 
Lasell students have visited her 
celebrated salon to view the high-end 
designs — from Bill Blass to Oscar de la 
Renta — some of them even hired as 
interns and employees. 

"What I have seen come from Lasell 
is a fine, quality student who gives 
attention to detail and attitude, 
thanks to the teaching skills of the 
faculty," Yolanda says. 

The Yolanda-Lasell connection recently 
became more high-profile through her 
generosity to the College's Fashion 
Collection. Last year, she gave the 
College more than 30 gowns, including 
Bob Mackie and Mary McFadden 
designs, after closing her famed salon. 

"Yolanda has always been recognized 
for her incredible generosity," says 

Signature Showcase: Yolanda, far right, flanked by the donated gowns and Anne Vallely, far left. 

Lasell Fashion Professor Anne Vallely, a 
longtime friend of Yolanda's. "She is a 
remarkable businesswoman, passionate 
about the fashion industry supporting 
students of fashion." The College 
showcased those gowns at the annual 
Leadership Recognition Dinner last fall 
at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in 
Brookline, where Yolanda was also 
honored (see page 20). Earlier this 

month she was the subject of a 
retrospective on her life and career, 
including an exhibit of her gowns, at 
the Wedeman Gallery at the Yamawaki 
Art and Cultural Center. 

Yolanda's position as a spokesperson 
and honorary co-chair for the 
fundraising effort to build the CCAA? 
The icing on a very fashionable cake. 

/here The Classroom Is The Real World 

Lasell Leaves • Sprin 

Fashion Communication 
Major Sets Lasell Apart 

Lasell's fashion students frequently 

> pieces until I can build a strong 

stand out on the runway as skilled 

portfolio to land my dream job as 

designers and merchandisers, but now 

an editor, ultimately a fashion editor," 

they have a chance to try a new major 

says Bronstein. 

on for size — Fashion Communication. 

Bronstein, who conducted research 

The brainchild of the Fashion 

on the new major through 

and Communication Department 

independent study, is one of two 

Chairs, Mary Ruppert-Stroescu 

students to recently change majors 

and Janice Barrett, the new 

to Fashion Communication. 

Fashion Communication major 

rias concentrations in public relations, 

But there are others excited about ! 

journalism and event management. 

the new option, too. { 

Other fashion schools in England, 

"Students were elated, since many j 

Canada and Europe offer this course 

are currently majoring in Fashion 

of study, but only one other US 

and Retail Merchandising with a 

school — Stephens College in 

minor in Communication," Bronstein " 

Missouri — provides this major. 

adds. "It only makes sense to offer 

a merged major with a better 

Mow seemed like the right moment 

focus, rather than completing 

for Lasell to join them. And the Board 

minor requirements that are not 

of Trustees agreed. 

tailor-made for fashion." 

"I've has this on my radar for a long 

According to Ruppert-Stroescu, many 

time," says Ruppert-Stroescu, who 

current and former Lasell fashion j. 

taught at Stephens before arriving 

students have taken internships at j 

at Lasell in 2008. 

such fashion magazines as Marie j 

Claire and Brides, so she suspected j 

Both Barrett and Ruppert-Stroescu 

there was a healthy appetite for this 

are enthused that the new major 

type of coursework. 

gives the Fashion and Communication 

Departments new depth with a 

"There's the marketing and 

contemporary twist. 

merchandising side, the design part j 

and now the communications piece, | 

"This is fairly unique in the United 

which bridges both of those," says \ 

States. We are ahead of the curve," 

Ruppert-Stroescu. "Where we see the 

says Barrett. "[Fashion] is a cultural 

strength [of this major] is in the product j 

phenomenon with magazines devoted 

knowledge and the system knowledge, 

to it, movies like The September Issue 

because it is so distinctive." j 

and regular segments on Today and 

Good Morning America. " 

While students in the new major will j 

take core courses from existing Fashion j 

And, with Lasell fashion students 

and Communications concentrations, 

already producing the high quality, 

there are also several new classes on 

glossy, student-written magazine, 

the roster, including: Social Media, 

Polished (see page 5), there is 

Publication Editing, Fashion Photo 

ample opportunity for Fashion 

Styling and Entertainment Media (with 

Communication students to 

a segment on fashion). 

practice their craft. 

"Every one of our concentrations is 

"We have a competitive advantage 

relevant to the fashion industry," 

with Polished and the Polished 

says Barrett. 

tradition," says Ruppert-Stroescu. 

The new major will also pull in experts 

just ask current co-editor of Polished, 

from the larger fashion communication 

stein "11. 

industry, including Boston Globe 

reporter Chris Muther and others. 

"Once I started college, I found myself 

yean lii . illow a career path in 

The Fashion Communication major 

the maga; in < Id. I hope to write 

will be an official choice for incoming 

freelance fashion articles or arts/living 

• first-year students in the fall. 

Form to Fashion 

Making a Connection 
with Natick Collection 

For the second year in a row, Lasell College 
will participate with other area schools in the 

Form to Fashion design contest at the 

Natick Collection. 

The competition, held consecutive 

weeks from February through May, 

involves students and alumni from Lasell 

College, Mount Ida College, School of 

Fashion Design and Framingham State 

College. The designs will be displayed 

in the Neiman Marcus Court at the 

Natick Collection. 

Each school will display its entries 
during a three-week period, and 
shoppers are invited to vote on their 
favorite designs. Lasell's designs will 
be on display from Thursday, April 1 to 
Wednesday, April 21. 

This year's contest is co-sponsored by 
the Natick Collection, Neiman Marcus 
and Boston Magazine. 

Current seniors 
showing their designs: 

Nga Tran 
Christina Izzo 
Aurisha Albright 
Natalie Thomas 
Renee Clark 
Brittney Savoie 
Angelette Lopes 

Alums showing 
their designs: 

Crystal Noe '09 
Lynn Morin '09 
Erica Desautels '09 
Vivienne Lowe '09 





In Competition: Fashion Design junior Amanda Saladino works on her entry. 

Inspired Design: Hats Off 

Since last summer, Lasell Fashion Department Chair Mary Ruppert-Stroescu and Professors Lynn 
Blake and Jill Carey have been collaborating with staff at the American Textile History Museum 
(ATHM) in Lowell, MA on an exhibition called Inspired Design: Lasell College atATHM. 

Inspired Design, which opens Saturday, May 15 and runs through Sunday, August 1 at the 
museum, will showcase hats designed by undergraduate designers in Professor Blake's 
Accessories Design class. Each contemporary creation will be juxtaposed with an historic 
piece of the student's choosing. 

After initial research using the museum's database, the Lasell students were invited to the 
museum for a rare opportunity to examine the museum's "inspiration" collection. 

"Listening to the 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' from the students as many of them saw their first vintage 
piece was very exciting," says Curator Karen Herbaugh. "It reminded me of my first experience 
at a museum. I hope this opportunity inspires them to look at history in a new way." 

To make the museum relationship even richer for the students, they will be vying for a coveted 
spot in the exhibition. The Lasell-designed hats will be judged by South Boston hat designer 
Marie Galvin, Lasell Professors Ruppert-Stroescu and Jeanne McDavitt, and ATHM staff 
members Karen Herbaugh and Diane Fagan Affleck. 

Hats off to all! 

Project Tchaik pvsk y 
Lasell Meets the BSO 

What inspires the designs that end up on the elite runways 
of fashion? The arts, the environment, the street? 

In the case of the Boston Symphony Orchestra on April 1 5, 
it was none other than Pyotr llyich Tchaikovsky. 

The Boston Symphony Orchestra held its second 
Annual Fashion Contest and Event at Symphony 
Hall, presented in conjunction with the BSO's 
April Tchaikovsky concert series. This year marks 
the second time Lasell students have participated 
in the contest, called Project Mozart in its first year. 

Project Tchaikovsky showcased evening-wear 
designs inspired by the musical compositions of 
Tchaikovsky, and two Lasell fashion students 
were chosen to participate: Fallon Coster and 
Melissa Higgins. Other Lasell entrants included 
Amanda Erickson, Brenna Fligg and Morgan Lagerberg. 

According to Fashion Department Chair Mary Ruppert-Stroescu, 
the students were encouraged to draw and design in response 
to Tchaikovsky's music. 

"I had the class listen to the music and draw what the 
music inspired them to feel. Then we stopped and added 
colors," Ruppert-Stroescu says. 

Boston Symphony Orchestra patrons and local fashion experts 
voted for their favorite designs over the course of the two 
dates, and a winner was announced on Thursday, April 1 5 at 
a post-concert reception and fashion show. The award results 
were not available at press time. 

web extra 

For more, go to 


iWhere The Classroom Is The Real World 

Happy 1 0th Anniversary, Polished Magazine 

Founded in 1999 by Lasell Fashion Department Professor Richard Bath and fashion photographer 
Ellie Honein, Polished is the only student-run fashion and culture magazine in the Boston area. 
Congratulations to everyone who has contributed to making Polished the success it is today. 



_* ». 




p. Close 

Vintage Superstar Meredith Byam '00 

'I Opened a Store /Wanted to Shop At! ' 

Ridiculously fair. 

That's the buzz on prices at Poor Little 
Rich Girl, the eclectic consignment 
clothing business owned by Lasell alum 
Meredith Byam '00. A rare success story 
in a tough economy, Byam traces some 
of her sartorial savvy back to her days 
as a design major at Lasell. 

"I was fortunate to have a very 
personalized experience in college," 
Byam says. "In particular, Associate 
Professor of Fashion Jill Carey's Fashion 
History class had enormous influence 
in helping me connect my interest in 
fashion with my need to make 
a living." 

The Lakeville, MA native was intrigued 
by the thrift store subculture early on 
in Middleboro, where her parents then 
owned an antique store. 

"You need an appreciation for diversity 
to do this kind of work," Byam says. 
"As a child, being exposed to all kinds 
of second-hand stores and auctions. 
I learned that nothing's the same. 
Every item is somehow different." 

You also need a sharp and creative 
curatorial eye for picking up on those 
differences, another factor in Byam's 
success. At age 29 in 2002, she 
opened a tiny shop in Davis Square, 
Somerville, moved to a nearby larger 
location a few years later, and in 2008 
opened doors at a second venue on 
Boston's Newbury Street. Last 
November, Byam set up a third 
shop in Cambridge's Inman Square 
neighborhood. All three stores feature 
her signature mix of modern, vintage 
and new clothing and accessories. 

Working with her husband, Toirm 
Miller, Byam deals with a consigner 
base of 5,500 at her Davis Square store 
and already has 300 consigners on 
board at her Inman Square location. 
A typical consigner at Poor Little 
Rich Girl? A fashionista (with whom 
Byam shares profits) who delivers 
out-of-style goods for Byam to sift 
through, purchase and re-sell at 

Retro Fit: Poor Little Rich Girl Byam at her Inman Square emporium. 

bargain prices. On an average day, 
Byam meets with 10 consigners. It's all 
fun, she assures, "but it's a tremendous 
amount of work." 

Her love of fashion is rivaled by her 
love of music, especially rock 'n' roll. 
In the mid-1990s, she worked at the 
Fort Apache recording studio and 
label in Cambridge. Byam brings her 
wide-ranging musical taste into her 
stores, where shoppers might hear 
anything and everything from The 
Andrews Sisters to 1960s French pop 
to The Beatles, as they comb through 
the comfortably organized racks. 

A Fashion major at Lasell, Byam 
transferred to Bentley College in the 
middle of her course of study, then 
returned to Lasell as a 25-year-old. 
As an older undergraduate, her more 
seasoned attitude was immediately 
recognized by Professor Carey. 

"Meredith had an extraordinary 
curiosity for subject matter," Carey tells 
Leaves. "She pursued her academic 
work with passion and creative 
determination as a result of finding a 
discipline that matched her energy 
and talents." 

During her last three semesters at 
Lasell, Byam worked part-time at a 
consignment shop and interned with 
then-professor Jay Calderin (founder 
of Boston's annual Fashion Week) 
"designing a collection, just the 
two of us." She also gives a special 
shout-out to then-Fashion Department 
Chair Richard Bath for "taking me 
under his wing" during her days on 
Woodland Road. 

"I needed the extra attention and 
generous encouragement I got in 
small classes," Byam says. 

"Jill, Jay and Richard all were a part 
of that." 

A consistent winner in Boston 
Magazine's influential "Best of Boston" 
competition in 2007 and 2009, and 
2009 Boston Phoenix honoree for 
"Best Vintage," Byam considers her 
entrepreneurial strong suit — "if I have 
one" — to be forecasting trends. 
Such as? "The mis-matched Sex and 
the City look that was hot in 2002 
and the jersey draping and more 
asymmetrical, criss-cross back look 
that's hip today." 

Oh, and the origin of the store name? 
It's a characteristic vintage-modern 
Byam homage to two favorite films: 
Poor Little Rich Girl, a 1 91 7 silent movie 
starring Mary Pickford...and a very 
different 1 965 Andy Warhol take on 
the same title with Warhol muse Edie 
Sedgwick in the lead. 

How did the Lasell graduate from 
Lakeville wind up at the helm of a trio 
of trendy consignment stores? "It 
seemed impossible at first," Byam says. 
"My generation was raised to be 
employees, not employers. But I 
opened a store / wanted to shop at, 
and I guess the rest is history." 

And, in a certain sense, ridiculously fair. 

Lasell Leaves • Spring 2010 





Arat First 
Beever Chair 

Serfar Arat has 
been named the 
College's first 
Diane Heath 
Beever '49 
Professor of Art. 
The endowed faculty chair in the arts 
was established in 2008 in Beever's 
honor by her trust, which gave 
$1 million to Lasell. Diane Beever 
was one of 1 3 members of the 
Heath family to attend the College. 

Arat, who will join the faculty in 
September 2010, comes to Lasell 
from Concordia College in New York, 
where he had a major role in building 
the arts program. 

Austin in 

Diane Austin, 
Vice President of 
Student Affairs, 
was one of four 
faculty members 
who participated 
in the second annual Mid-Level 
Managers Institute at the annual 
conference of the National Orientation 
Directors Association (NODA) in 
California, where she headed up a 
session on Career = The Intersection 
Between Planning and Serendipity 
and presented a case study on 
Effective Supervision: An Art Form, 
Not a Science. 

on the Case 

Lena Cappiello 
has been named 
the College's 
first Coordinator 
of International 
Services. In that 
capacity, Cappiello's dual focus is 
to provide comprehensive direct 
service to the international student 
population at Lasell and to oversee the 
implementation and enhancement of 
the College's study abroad programs. 

Cappiello holds a BA from Fordham 
University with a double major in Art 
History and American Studies and a 
minor in Italian Studies. After studying 
at Lorenzo de' Medici in Florence, 
Italy, she earned an MA in International 
Education with a concentration in 
International Education Development 
at New York University. 

New Dean 

Joan Dolamore 
recently joined 
Lasell College as 
the new Dean of 
Graduate and 
Studies. Dolamore earned both her 
Ed.D. and Ed.M. degrees at Harvard 
University and has served in recent 
years as Dean of the Lifelong Learning, 
Division of Professional and Continuing 
Studies at Boston's Wentworth Institute 
of Technology. Prior to Wentworth, 
Dolamore worked in various 
directorship and associate dean roles 
within Lesley University's Professional 
Studies and Adult Learning divisions. 
Her numerous publications and 
professional presentations span such 
areas as educational assessment, 
adult learning and workplace diversity. 

r "\V 

No Stranger 

Jennifer Granger 
has moved into 
the position 
of Director of 
Student Activities 
and Orientation. 
Granger began at Lasell in 2007 as 
Assistant Director of Student Activities 
and, since that time, "has played a 
major role in helping to create a rich 
and abundant co- and extra-curricular 
life for our students," says Vice 
President of Student Affairs Diane 
Austin. Granger holds a BA in History 
from the University of Massachusetts 
at Dartmouth, where she currently is 
a member of the Alumni Board, and a 
M.Ed, in Higher Education and Student 
Affairs Administration from the 
University of Vermont. 

On IA Staff 

Lauren Mele 
McCauslin has 
joined Lasell's 
team as Assistant 
Director of Annual Giving. She comes 
to the College from the Annual Giving 
Office at Simmons College, where she 
was manager of the phone program. 

A native of Albany, NY with a paralegal 
background, McCauslin holds a BA 
in political science from the University 
of Rochester. 

Argotsinger New 
Alumni Director 

C. Chad 

Argotsinger joined 
the Institutional 
Advancement staff 
in the fall as the 
new Director of 
Alumni Relations for Lasell College. 
Over the past three years, Argotsinger 
was Director of Student Activities at 
Lasell. He will be instrumental in 
building new young alumni programs, 
as well as planning important alumni 
events and growing volunteer 
programs. He received a master's 
degree from Bowling Green State 
University and bachelor's degree 
from the University of Vermont. 

Editor Dion 
Joins Team 

Diane Dion has 
joined the Lasell 
staff as Assistant 
Director of 
She comes to 
the College from WGBH Boston, where 
she was a senior editor responsible 
for major publications supporting 
the nonprofit's mission, programs and 
services, including 'GBH, The Members' 
Magazine and the WGBH Annual 
Report. A former weekly newspaper 
editor, Dion holds a BA in journalism 
from American University and an MA 
in journalism from Boston University. 



>"fc ' 




v* ■ j 





■ M 

Gundlach '08 
Photoshop Prof 

As a new member 
of the Lasell 
faculty, Andrew 
(Drew) Gundlach 
admits to being 
"nervous and 
excited when 1 stepped into the 
classroom as a Photoshop professor." 
As an undergraduate Graphic Design 
major, Gundlach '08 spent much of his 
senior year working on his portfolio, 
active in the Graphic Design League 
and art-directing Polished Magazine 
and its companion website, 
PolishedFashion. com . 

Gundlach credits strong support from 
Assistant Professor of Graphic Design 
Stephen Fischer and Director of the 
RoseMary B. Fuss Technology Learning 
Center Linda Bruenjes as pivotal to his 
making the leap from undergrad to 
prof. "They are incredible mentors," 
Grunlach says, "always willing to lend 
a hand." 

Connected Voices and Learning 


• ■ / 


Campus Diversity: "Hearing Student Voices: Developing Diversity Sensitivity and Humility 
on a College Campus," a winter 2010 article in the American Family Therapy Academy 
Monograph series, was facilitated by Psychology Professor Marsha Mirkin along with a 
diverse team of "Student Voices." Shown, left to right: Mirkin, Criselen Trinidad, Ninwa 
Hanna, Erin Ingleton and Jean Leger. 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 



Steve Bloom 

O'Neill Scholar. . . 
and Red Sox Fan 

Steven F. Bloom, Ph.D., Lasell's Dean of Undergraduate Education 
and Professor of English, has built a reputation as an astute, 
insightful and dedicated authority on playwright Eugene O'Neill. 

The popular educator did his undergraduate work at the University 
of Rochester, graduate study at Brandeis University and is a past 
president of the Eugene O'Neill Society. Leaves caught up with the 
congenial dean during a chilly February day on campus. 

Leaves: Where are you from? 

Bloom: I was born in Brooklyn, raised 
in Queens and attended the High 
School of Performing Arts in 
Manhattan (yes, the Fame school), 
where my love for the theater really 
took shape. As it turns out, I was a 
better writer than actor. One of my 
drama teachers suggested he'd 
rather see me be a "first-rate college 
professor than a second-rate actor." 
Those words stuck with me. 

Long Day's Journey: Bloom in his Holway House office. 


Leaves: This raises a thorny 
question: Do you consider yourself 
a New Yorker or a Bostonian? 

Bloom: I'm not a Massachusetts native, 
but I've lived in the Boston area for 37 
years (longer than I lived in New York). 
And now I'm definitely a Red Sox fan. 

leaves: What originally drew you 
to O'Neill? 

Bloom: I wish I could say I came to 
O'Neill through some life-changing 
moment in the theater, but it was 
nothing so dramatic. I wrote my senior 
college thesis on Edward Albee. All of 
the drinking in Albee's plays, especially 
in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, 
led me to consider the significance of 
intoxication that characterizes many 
American plays. I eventually wrote my 
dissertation — Empty Bottles, Empty 
Dreams: O'Neill's Alcoholic Drama — 
on O'Neill's use of alcoholism and 
intoxication in his late plays. I am 
fascinated by the theatricality and 
power of his writing, his insights 
into the human condition and his 
remarkable ability to turn his own 
tortured life into art. 

Leaves: Your Student Companion to 
Eugene O'Neill is helping to make 
the playwright more accessible to 
high-school and college students 
and teachers. Thoughts? 

Bloom: Introducing him to a broader 
audience was my goal. I hope readers 
also find the Companion helpful 
in providing context before seeing 
an O'Neill play and inspiration for 
reflection and discussion afterwards. 

Leaves: What is your favorite play? 

Bloom: O'Neill's Long Day's Journey 
Into Night is definitely my favorite 
American play. My favorite of all is 
Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot. 
It's wonderfully comic and tragic, 
hopeful and hopeless, simple and 
complex; it's ingenious. 

Leaves: Favorite film? 

Bloom: I have many. Among them are 
some classics like Woody Allen's Annie 
Hall, mainly because I like his comically 
truthful insights into relationships, and 
Mike Nichols's The Graduate for how 
it depicts the excitement, ambiguity 
and anxiety of that period in a young 
person's life. 

Leaves: What books are currently 
on your night table? 

Bloom: At the moment, People of the 
Book by Geraldine Brooks, Last Night in 
Twisted River by John Irving and / Am 
Charlotte Simmons by Tom Wolfe. 

Leaves: Why have you chosen to 
support the Lasell Giving Challenge 
as a "Friend?" 

Bloom: Lasell has given me a great deal 
of support in my professional life. I'm , 
happy to work within an academic 
community that is always changing, 
growing and looking to the future. 
I especially value the opportunity to be 
able to help shape some of that growth 
and to help facilitate lifelong learning 
through Lasell Village. As a "Friend" of 
Lasell, I'm able to support bringing the 
mission of the College to life for our 
students every day. 

Lasell Leaves • Spring 201 

ff the Shelf 

Recent books, scholarly journal publications and 
interviews by Lasell College faculty include a rich 
roster of titles and topics, among them: 

Bradford Allen, Associate Professor of Mathematics 

• "A Poisson-Based Prediction Model and Warning System for MRSA Daily 
Burden" in Clinical Laboratory Science, 2009. 

• "A Long-Term Forecast of MRSA Daily Burden Using Logistic Modeling" 
in Clinical Laboratory Science, 2009. 

Stephanie Athey, Associate Professor of English 

• "Dark Chamber, Colonial Scene: Post 9/1 1 Torture and Representation" 
in Human Rights and Global Literary Production, 2010. 

• "The Torturer's Tale: Tony Lagouranis in Mosul and the Media" 
in Iraq War Cultures, 2010. 

Emily Banice, Adjunct Professor 

• Interview with Amanda Knorr of The Improper Bostonian 
in Fodor's Boston Shopping Guide 2010. 

Carole Center, Assistant Professor of English 

• "But I'm Not a Reading Teacher! " co-author in Open Words: Access and 
English Studies, spring 2009. 

Sarah Cherington, Lecturer in Psychology 

• "The Development of Other-Related Conversational Skills: A Case Study 
of Conversational Repair During the Early Years" in First Language, 2009. 

Michael Daley, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science 

• "Of Moisture Stress in a Mid-latitude Temperature Forest: Implications 
for Feedforward and Feedback Controls from an Irrigation Experiment" 
co-author in Ecological Modelling, 2009. 

Gary Donato, Lecturer in History 

• Preface to "A Dialogue on Presidential Challenges and Leadership: Papers 
of the 2008-2009 Center Fellows" for the Center for the Study of the 
Presidency, August 2009. 

• Eight book reviews, including "Ronald Reagan and the 1980s: Perception, 
Policies, Legacies" for Published Choice Journal, October 2009. 

Marie C Franklin, Assistant Professor of Journalism 

• Managing Editor, "Teens in Print" quarterly newspaper for The Boston Globe 
and Globe Foundation, March and May 2009. 

• "First Person: Anne D. Leclaire" for Boston Globe Magazine, April 2009. 

Dennis Frey, Associate Professor of History 

• "Using World History to Encourage Complex and Critical Self-Awareness" 
for World History Bulletin, fall 2009. 

Charlene Geary, Lecturer in Business Administration 

• "Estate Journal™" for B&G Publishing Group, January 2009. 

• "Properly Preparing a Home For Sale Is The First Step In Getting It Sold" 
for The Real Estate Professional Magazine, November/December 2009. 

IP? ,1 

|||| F !!,!jl|j|| I 



Hortense Gerardo, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Humanities 

• "National Reports from Across the Country — Boston" in The Dramatist, 
November/December 2009. 

Sarabeth Golden, Assistant Professor of Psychology 

• "General Guidelines for Talking with Children" in A Clinician's Guide to 
Normal Cognitive Development in Childhood, 2009. 

Dana Janbek, Assistant Professor of Communication 

• Global Terrorism and New Media: The PostAI-Qaeda Generation co-author, 

Rebecca Kennedy, Associate Professor of English 

• Four poems, including "First Snow" for Karamu, Spring 2009 and 
"The Idea of Photographs" for Poem 102, November 2009. 

Tessa LeRoux, Professor of Sociology 

• Co-Guest Editor of "Aging: Families and Households in Global Perspective," 
a special issue of The Journal of Comparative Family Studies, spring 2009. 

Marsha Mirkin, Associate Professor of Psychology 

• "Hearing Student Voices: Developing Diversity Sensitivity and Humility on a 
College Campus" with co-authors for American Family Therapy Academy 
Monograph, winter 2010. 

• "Elijah's Cup: A Female Jewish Therapist Explores the Legacy of Love, Fear, 
Social Action and Faith" for Women and Therapy, winter 2010. 

Michelle Niestepski, Assistant Professor of English 

• "Instructor's Resource Manual " to accompany The Longman Handbook for 
Writers and Readers, 2010. 

Jennifer Ostrowski, Assistant Professor of Athletic Training 

• Numerous articles, including "Recently Certified Athletic Trainers' 
Undergraduate Educational Preparation in Psychosocial Intervention and 
Referral" and "Fourth Cranial Nerve Palsy in a Collegiate Lacrosse Player: 
A Case Report" for The Journal of Athletic Training, 2009. 

Stephen Sarikas, Professor of Biology 

• Laboratory Investigations in Anatomy and Physiology, 2nd ed., 2010. 

Anh Tran, Assistant Professor of Economics and Management 

• Interviewed for numerous articles in Asian-based publications, including 
"Japan's Growing Role in Vietnam's Development" for Asia Sentinel, 
August 2009 and "In Search of the Economic Goal for Vietnam" for 
Vietnam Week, October 2009. 

Amy Wagenfeld, Senior Lecturer in Psychology 

• "It's More Than Seeing Green: Exploring the Senses through Gardening" 
for Journal of Therapeutic Horticulture, 2009. 

Second Life 

Bibliophile Bobbie Sproat's 'First' Life 

She's a familiar face to Brennan Library 
patrons, but Barbara "Bobbie" Sproat 
didn't set out to be a professional 
bibliophile. Lasell's popular reference 
librarian and archivist began her career 
as an attorney, hoping "to change the 
world." The Oberlin grad got a law 
degree from Suffolk University Law 
School, spent some years in Boston 
and California doing both for-profit 
and pro bono legal work, then shifted 
from full-time legal work to full-time 
parenting. On a fateful day during that 
child-rearing period, in the throes of 

personal research at the Newton Free 
Library, Sproat had an "aha" moment. 

"I liked doing research, and I 
thought librarians provided a 
valuable public service," Sproat 
says. "I was also attracted to 
being in a learning environment, 
doing work I could respect and 
be proud of — not always true 
in the legal world." 

One Simmons Graduate School of 
Library and Information Science MS 

degree later, the Newton resident 
brought her legal research skills and 
spirited curiosity to Lasell's library, 
where she's been on staff much of 
the time since 2002. "I really enjoy 
helping people — students, faculty 
and occasional local and Lasell Village 
residents — find information," she 
continues. "And I love the look on 
students' faces when I help them come 
up with relevant and reputable sources 
to use in writing their papers. It's like 
watching a whole new world open up 
before their eyes!" 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 

Children's Book Author 
Barbara Barbieri McGrath '73 

'Lasell Was My 


As a child in Wellesley, MA, Barbara Barbieri 
learned to count — in Italian — from her 
grandfather, Louis "Pa" Cornoni. 

At Home: The writer at work. 

McGrath's Mantra: "Read, read, read. 

As an adult, the Lasell '73 graduate has 
been making it fun for children to learn 
to count — in English — though her 
celebrated series of non-fiction books, 
The M&M's® Counting Book, Soccer 
Counts, Teddy Bear Counting and many 
more. And, she's been engaging young 
minds with accessible fiction titles like 
/ Love Words, The Little Green Witch 
and The Little Red Elf. 

The Natick resident credits her "nerve 
to write anything down" to early 
inspiration from Lasell Professor 
Emeritus Ken Matheson who "simply 
told me I could write." 

"I wasn't an exceptional writer in high 
school," McGrath says, "but Ken and 
other devoted faculty members helped 
me rise to the Lasell standard." 

Recalling her first assignment in 
Matheson's creative writing class 
McGrath says, "we were asked to set 
out on campus alone and write about 
our surroundings. It was a beautiful 
spring day, and most of my classmates 
described flowers and trees. I wrote 
about sitting in the parking lot, staring 
at a car grille. Ken read my work and 
convinced me I had promise." 

That, McGrath adds, "gave me the 
confidence to match my writing ability 
with my interest in making learning 
fun for kids." 

After graduating from Lasell with a 
degree in early childhood education, 
McGrath (along with Susan Sullivan, 
also Lasell '73) established a Wellesley 
preschool where she taught for 1 6 
years until publishing her first children's 
book, The M&M's® Counting Book, 
'in 1994. 

That maiden voyage into publishing 
success — the M&M's book has sold 
over one million copies — was 
triggered while actually snacking on 
M&Ms, McGrath says. "I was preparing 
an early math lesson plan, spilled the 
candies onto my desk and wondered, 
'Wouldn't it be great if preschoolers 
could learn to count by using M&Ms?'" 

Creative thought, but what could 
possibly substitute for the colorful — 
and taboo — candies? 

"Laminated construction paper, of 
course," she laughs, wearing her 
preschool teacher hat. 

The rest, as they say, is history. 
McGrath is recognized for 
jump-starting an entire genre in 
children's literature, informally known 
as "food snack books." The concept 
coincided with the hands-on math 
curriculum then sweeping the country 
and is, today, used in colleges as a 
curriculum-planning teaching tool. 

With her husband, Will, handling the 
business side of things, McGrath has 
written 32 (and counting) children's 
books, including several award-winners. 
The couple has two grown children, 
a visual artist daughter and a 
musician son. 

In addition to "reading, reading, 
reading," McGrath lists surfcasting, 
canoeing, scuba diving and collecting 
"sea pottery" as key passions. That 
could have something to do with 
having spent childhood summers on 
Cape Cod where the ocean became, 
and remains, a pivotal part of McGrath 
family life. 

Barbara McGrath continues to spend a 
lot of time visiting schools across the 
country, speaking to children about 
writing and math, encouraging them to 
create books of their own and keeping ' 
up with what turns kids on. 

"If you want to have an impact in this 
field," she contends, "you need to get 
into the schools and stay current with 
what's resonating today... like who the 
next Harry Potter might be." 

Where does McGrath see herself in five 
years? Hopefully, acting as a resource 
to promote childhood literacy. "I'd like 
to be sending authors and illustrators 
into schools and libraries as a free 
public service," she says. "I believe in 
giving back." 





■'' if 



Lasell luminaries who have made appearances in the media recently include: 

• President Michael B. Alexander 

on WRKO Radio's early morning 
talk show, Tom & Todd. President 
Alexander was interviewed in 
February by Tom Finneran and 
Todd Feinburg about lifelong learning 
and Lasell College's leadership in 
this area. 

• President Alexander was also 
interviewed for a February story 
in the Boston Business Journal on 
alternative revenue streams for 
small colleges. In the fall, The 
Chronicle of Higher Education's 
"Buildings and Grounds" section 
featured a photo of the College's 
East and West residence halls 
along with building statistics. 

• In November, The Boston Herald ran 
a two-page article related to elderly 
driving, "Course Puts Elders on 
Road to Safer Driving" by Ira Kantor, 
in which several Lasell Village 
residents were interviewed. 

• Also last fall, The Boston Globe ran a 
story about school spirit that featured 
Lasell College and other small 
schools in the area. A photograph 

of Lasell's new mascot "Boomer" 
was on the front page! 

• Lasell Trustee Michael Maggiacomo 

was named to the Boston Business 
Journal's "40 Under 40" section. 
Maggiacomo, SVP 
and director of 
specialty banking at 
Eastern Bank, says he 
was a little surprised 
to learn he'd been 
nominated and 
then won. 

"I got an e-mail from 
the BBJ saying 'you or 
someone you 
nominated' was on the list," says 
Maggiacomo. "I skimmed the list 
and saw my name there — and there 
you go!" 

"I am flattered and humbled," 
continues Maggiacomo, who recently 
turned 40. Maggiacomo was chosen 
among hundreds of nominees. 

Lasell alumna Urit Chaimovitz '98, 

who has her own interior design 
business in Watertown, MA, was 
quoted in a 
Boston Globe 
Magazine story 
Luxe" in 
She was also 
quoted in Style Carrot — an online 
home fashion magazine — last fall. 

Several members of the Lasell faculty 
also appeared in the media, including: 

• Emily Banis, Adjunct Professor 
of Fashion, was included in 
The Improper Bostonian article 
"Fast Facts: Deja View." 

• Richard Bath, Associate Professor 
of Fashion, provided commentary 
on WSBK Radio on the recent 

US Senate race. 

• Jared Gordon, Lecturer in 
Communication, wrote, directed 
and produced November 31st, 
honored as Best Picture/Best 
Producer at the 2009 Bare 
Bones International Film Festival 
in Oklahoma. 

• Joanna Kosakowski, Associate 
Professor of Mathematics, was a 
writer for the WGBY Springfield 
PBS series As Schools Match Wits, 
broadcast from October 2009 - 
June 2010. 

• Anh Tran, Assistant Professor of 
Economics and Management, was 
interviewed by Voice of America 
about Vietnamese economic 
performance through the assessment 
of international organizations 
(broadcast in Vietnamese in October 
2009) and on US-Vietnam relations 
over the past 1 5 years (broadcast in 
Vietnamese in July 2009). 

• Franklin Triffletti, Lecturer in 
Communication, produced Tricks of 
Love, awarded Best Feature at the 
2009 International Film Festival of 
South Africa, and the upcoming film 
Ironsides by Jomar Motion Pictures. 

• Brian Wardyga, Assistant Professor 
of Communication, directed a music 
video for Lily Holbrook for the song 
"Cold Day in Hell" in May 2009. 

ell has made a concerted effort to 
"go green" by increasing recycling, 
shrinking the College's carbon 
footprint and hiring a new Assistant 
Director of Plant Operations and 
Sustainability, Marc Fournier. Often 
referred to on campus as "Mr. Green," 
Fournier has an extensive background 
in environmental field work and 
brings over 30 years of facility 
management experience to Lasell. 










Lasell's Top-10 'Green' 
Improvements to Date 

Water usage has been reduced by installing low-flow 
toilets and shower heads in College buildings (262 installed 
in 2009) and sink aerators. 

Waste has been reduced by nearly 10% by recycling 
more cardboard, paper, bottles, cans, scrap metal and 
other materials across campus. 

Donated surplus clothing, food, furniture and appliances 
are being sent to local charities, including one tractor 
trailer-load and two box-trucks full of used furniture to The 
Wish Project in Lowell, MA during the winter of 2009-2010. 

Two new dormitories — East and West — were built in 
compliance with LEED (environmental) specifications. 

Cafeteria cooking oil is being recycled, converted into 
heating oil and donated to heat local shelters (140 gallons 
every 20 days). 

New heating zones have been installed in College 
buildings, and thermostat temperatures have been 
lowered in dorms, houses and offices wherever possible 
to help reduce oil consumption. 

Between February and March, the College joined the 
national "Recylemania" competition and boosted the 
recycling rate on campus from 13.5% to 23.2% in just 
one month's time. 

Energy consumption has been reduced by encouraging 
students, faculty and staff to turn off all electronics 
(monitors, printers, lights) when not in use. 

Energy efficiency has been improved by insulating 
buildings, reducing air infiltration and installing 
energy efficient windows. 

CO2 emissions have been reduced by encouraging 
carpooling, walking, biking and using public transportation. 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 





Haiti (Still) in Our Hearts 

A remarkable outpouring of support by the Lasell community 
in response to the devastating Haiti earthquake is continuing, 
even as the spring term nears an end. 

"We've had an extraordinary response from students, faculty 
and staff," Amy Greene, Student Programs Coordinator for 
Lasell's Center for Community-Based Learning (CCBL), tells Leaves. In addition to raising 
money for Partners in Health, a Boston-based nonprofit active in Haiti before, during and 
after the earthquake, "we've continued to provide ways for the campus and Lasell Village 
communities to express their concern in non-monetary ways," Greene says, "by raising 
awareness, volunteering time and attending public events." 

Students, faculty, staff and Lasell Village residents have reached out "with a hug, with a 
helping hand, with ceremony and with money to do whatever they could to provide 
assistance and succor to those in need," President Michael B. Alexander wrote in a January 
campus and Village-wide message. "As responsive as our College and Village communities 
have been," Alexander added, "the greatest challenge is to sustain our support as the event 
itself inevitably recedes from memory." 

To that end, the Center for Community-Based Learning and the Donahue Institute for Values 
and Public Life are continuing to respond to the crisis with a variety of initiatives. 

To learn more about Lasell's ongoing Haiti relief response, go to: 

or contact Amy Greene at 61 7-243-2348. 

Curtain Call 

Adroit One 


7:00 P-M' 
VamawaKto<»<» rt » m 

The Vagina Monologues, playwright Eve Ensler's 
provocative celebration of female sexuality, was 
performed by Lasell students, faculty and staff in 
support of V-Day, a global grassroots movement 
dedicated to ending violence against women. 
Directed by Fallon Coster '11, the two-night 
production played to a packed Yamawaki 
Auditorium. Shown, cast members taking 
a bow on opening night. 


Timeless: The morning after a winter snowfall, a tranquil campus scene. 

Lasell Leaves • Spring 2010 

The Torchlight Parade 



In the interest of protecting the privacy 
of our alumni, it is the policy of the 
Office of Alumni Relations not to divulge 
contact information. Please use the 
online community, 
to search for your classmates. 

The content of Class Notes is based on 
material submitted to the Office of Alumn 
Relations. We are unable to verify the 
factual content of each entry. Individual 
entries printed in this issue were received 
by March 1, 2010. 

Please send your news to: 
Lasell College 
Office of Alumni Relations 
1844 Commonwealth Avenue 
Newton, MA 02466-2716 or 
e-mail us at 

. and Now 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 

Lasell Leave 

Class Notes 

Be Friended 

Join the Lasell 

Are you friended? Linked? Connected? Become one of a 
growing number of Lasell alums who are connecting with 
the College and one another via these Lasell alumni social 
media outlets. For more information on how to connect, 
go to: 


1,784 Alums in Alumni Online Community 
389 Alums and friends on Facebook 
147 Alums on Linkedln 

For more information, 
contact the Office of 
Alumni Relations or visit 

For more information, 
contact the Office of 
Alumni Relations or visit 

Lucille LaRiviere Disbrow and her 

husband of 68 years, Edward, moved to 
California in 1 950 and now are living in 
Torrance, the beach area known as the 
"Hollywood Riviera." 


1 vc~ Ai ' ^M 

■jjjIljjP^ r i 

.E ll^-ll^kJ 

Barbara Donohue Cain shares some 
thoughts: "I enjoy reading the news 
about Lasell and am delighted with 
the progress and growth the College 
has made. The news from my 
classmates has dwindled, and I miss it. 
After 63 years, I am still married to 
my husband, Joseph. We have four 
sons, one daughter, and five 
grandchildren who live scattered 
throughout the US. Recently we 
moved to Sierra Madre, CA to be 
near one son and daughter-in-law. 
So much has happened since 1940." 

Edythe MacDonald Dowd is blessed 
with good health and enjoying her new 
home in Manchester, NH. She is happy 
to live within a few miles of her fifth 
great-grandchild, William, born in June. 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinators Terry 
Bergeron Hoyt, Barbara 
Preuss Reynolds, Sue 

Slocum Klingbeil or visit the website: 

An update from Hope Daigneault 

Pezzulio: "My husband and I moved 
to a lovely senior-living community in 
Melbourne, FL. We are happy to be 
able to remain in the same area we've 
come to love so much over the past 
20 years. In addition to making new 

friends, we are delighted to stay 
connected with our old friends 
and to keep our local medical and 
dental contacts. At 83 and 82 years 
respectively, we are still active. 
I am busy with bridge, puzzles 
and shopping." 

Barbara Stickle Mode 
A ^7 writes, "I am currently 
ir / living at Traditions, a 

senior community in 
Wayland, MA. After suffering a 
stroke and a fractured hip, I can no 
longer live alone. I see Lynn Blodgett 
Williamson '46, Nancy Curtis Grellier 
'49, Anita Angelus Koulopoulos '50, 
Jackie Paulding Hauser '50 and 
Nancye Van Deusen Connor '57 from 
time to time. I am in touch via email 
with Anne Alger Ehrlich '47. I'd 
welcome hearing from other Lasell 
alums. I can be reached at" 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinators Joy 
Gustavson Smith, 
Jackie Paulding Hauser, 

Clara Silsby Lamperti or visit: 

Charlotte Kelley 
Campbell whose home 
is in Tulsa, OK, and Mary 
Catherine "M.C." Vogler 
Greene, who lives in Spring, TX, met 
in Houston for the first time in three 
decades. Charlotte and M.C. were 
roommates during their second year 
at Lasell. 

The Office of Alumni 
^L\ Relations thanks Mary 
S *J Burke Brinn for 

representing Lasell College 
at the presidential inauguration at 
Otterbein College in Westerville, OH 
in October. Mary called it "an honor 
and privilege to represent Lasell at the 
inauguration. There were over 80 
delegates from all over the country. 
In other news, Mary and her husband 
spend three winter months in Naples, 
FL and two months during the summer 
in Brewster on Cape Cod. This past 
summer, Mary had a reunion with 
former classmates, Barbara Smith 
Hernberg and Barbara's sister, 
Lee Smith Connors. "We just picked 
up where we left off. It was a fun, 
fun reunion." 

In Ohio: Mary Burke Brinn, left, with Dr. Kathy 
A. Krendl, President of Otterbein College. 

"Lasell Leaves continues to be a great 
way to catch up with alums and 
become more knowledgeable about 
what's happening at the college," 
writes Shirley Vara Gallerani. "I am 
now on the Board of Overseers." 
Shirley continues, "I keep in touch 
with Mary Ann Donahue and Janet 
Gleason Nolan. Now that Mary Ann is 
working freelance, it makes gathering 
easier. This summer, we want to get 
together with other Class of '53 alumni 
who live on the Cape." On a last note, 
Shirley adds, "My husband, Peter, and 
I spend our winters in Naples, FL. 
It is terrific to get away from the cold 
northeast and those Cape Cod winds! 
This February we attended the Lasell 
Florida event at the Naples Museum 
of Art (see page 1 7) which included 
a wonderful tour and luncheon. 
Our children visited with our grandkids 
during school vacation week. If you are 
in Florida, please look us up!" 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinators Jackie Cain 
Sheils, Tish Gura Conroy 
or visit the website: 

An update from Bobbie Jennings 

in Honolulu: "I got together with 
President Michael Alexander and his 
wife, Mary Barbara, during their visit to 
Hawaii in December. We talked about 
the changes at Lasell, since I haven't 
been back since graduation. I admitted 
that there's no question about my 
getting lost were I to be plunked down 
in the middle of the campus. But I felt 
a silent sigh as I thought about my rich 
memories of days walking through 
the woods to get to a shorthand class, 
as there are no longer any woods. I will 
be heading to the mainland in May, 
en route to Africa for a safari." 

Fran Nettleton Konsella 
■C^/C and her husband, Phil, 

*s \J celebrated their 50th 
wedding anniversary 
in September. Family came from 
Connecticut and California to help 
mark the occasion. 

Three friends from the 
C^7 Class of 1957 spent a 
*-J I five-day mini-reunion 

touring the Massachusetts 
and lower Maine coasts. Paula Ristau 
Trespas joined them for dinner one 
evening, and they also visited with 
Muriel Hagerthy Meyer and her 
husband, Bob. 

Class of '55 alums met at Kimball Farm in Westford, MA. (L to R) Jean Mills Einarson, Beverly 
Kimball Lamburn, Ann Harris Hughes, Sally Cranton Nolan, Terry Brossi Ciarcia, Helen teFaivre 
Russo, Millie Monahan Regan. 

'ring 2010 


Class Notes 

Class of '57 alums (L to R) Gloria Guiduli, 
Audrey MacAdam Lowe and Millie Berg 
Cunningham reconnect. 

The Office of Alumni Relations 
thanks Marcia James Carthaus for 

representing Lasell College at the 
presidential inauguration at Saint 
John's University in Collegeville, MN 
in October. "The Inauguration was 
wonderful on probably the worst 
weather day I can remember," Marcia 
says. "The program was incredible 
with a variety of music, greetings, 
the investiture, the inaugural address 
and ecumenical blessings in Buddhist, 
Native American, Jewish, Muslim and 
Christian traditions. There were 80 
delegates from colleges and universities 
including Williams College, Notre 
Dame, University of Georgia, Holy 
Cross, Michigan State and Lasell. 
It was indeed a special day! " 

Our sincere condolences 
^ Q to Martha Grearson 
•J S Herbert on the death 
of her husband, John, 
in April, just prior to their 50th 
wedding anniversary. While Martha's 
children live in NH, VT and Stockholm, 
Sweden, Martha plans to remain 
in sunny Florida. 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinators Faith 
Barbara Greiff Mines, 

Michele Poirier Gorman, Marilyn Senior 

Legg or visit the website: 

Our sincere condolences to Faith 
Bowker-Maloney on the death of 
her husband, George, in July 2009. 

Our sincere condolences 
to Joan Moeller 
Thompson on the death 
of her husband, Brian. 

After Lasell, Lisette 
f^\A^ deMiranda-Cussins 
V-J r continued her education 
at Antioch University New 
England and got a master's degree in 
clinical psychology. She writes, "I've 
had a private practice and now work as 
a group facilitator in my commun'ty." 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinators Linda Foster 
Nixon and Elisse Allinson 
Share or visit the website: 

Linda Foster Nixon had an 

unexpected Lasell reunion! "When 
my Chatham, MA tennis friend, 
Brenda Saul Thomson '71 and her 
husband invited me to a fabulous 
beach party," she says, "I was delighted 
to see Jean Hill Johnson '65 " 

Chatham Catch-Up: (L to R) Linda Foster 
Nixon '65, Brenda Saul Thomson '71, Jean 
Hill Johnson '65. 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinator Pamela 
Walker Francis or visit 

Beverly Lambert Quinn 

^7 11 and her husband and 
' A black lab live in Fairfield, 
CT, where Beverly teaches 
voice to a new generation of aspiring 
singers. Some of her professional 
successes in musical comedy include 
starring roles in Sitting Pretty at 
Carnegie Hall, off-Broadway 
productions of The Fantasticks 
and Plain & Fancy, and Broadway 
productions of Nine and Showboat. 
She is especially proud to have been 
hand-picked by opera diva Beverly Sills 
for the role of Fiona in a production 
of Brigadoon. 

Our sincere condolences 
^7 ^J to Diane Henault-Tosi on 

I 4m* the loss of her mother in 
December. On a happier 
note, Diane and her beloved friend, 
Roberta Hartsig Ramik, recently 
reconnected. Diane says, "Our days at 
Lasell were a hoot. This is the beginning 
of a new story in our lives." 

Nancy Keefe Phillips writes, "I 
attended Lasell in 1970-1971 and 
enjoyed my year but didn't return 
for senior year. I am an accounting 

1 1 Laurens, 1 % Michaels.. 

the Class of 2013 " e9e ' aSt fa " re «*ls *at 

"s the largest class in the history of the College 

• Hails from 17 statps p,nH 1 1 t 

- Ies and 1 1 foreign countries 

• Is 64% female and 36% male 

• Self^ntifies as 18% m^ority or people of color 

8 aS M U : que first names including 1 1 Laurens 

83 /o attended public schools 

* 17san 9 in a choral group or choir 

• 16 played in the school band 

•40were members of the Nationa, Honor Society 
•219 participated in community service 

• 49 served in student government 

• 56 worked on their high-school yearbook 

' 22 W ° rked 0n ^ high-school newspaper 
' 59 ca " themselves dancers 

at least 12 are golfers, and 

one was a state champion in judo! 


manager at Harvard Business School. 
My daughter, Sarah Phillips '05, 

graduated from Lasell." 

Nina Lentini, a newsletter 
^7 O editor and former 
/ ~J journalist from Norwich, 
CT, writes, "My blog, 
'Nina Lentini's Life Without End,' made 
the local news recently. Check it out: 
S05/302 129883." 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinator Rosanna 
Catarella Oreco or visit: 

The Office of Alumni 
^7 O Relations thanks Robyn 
/ O Hunt Vogel for 

representing Lasell College 
at the presidential inauguration at 
Georgia State University in October. 
"I felt honored representing my alma 
mater," Robyn says. "It was exciting to 
be a part of such an important event. 
Lasell has made great strides since I was 
a student there, and I have many fond 
memories of living in Gardner. I still 
keep in touch with quite a few 'girls' 
from the class of 1978. Thanks for the 
opportunity to represent Lasell." 

Donna Appleyard Gould 

HQk sa Y s ' " H| . Class of 1979! 
' -^ Last summer I celebrated 
my 50th birthday like so 
many of you and my 30th wedding 
anniversary. If you are out there and 
you remember me, drop me an e-mail 
at I hope to hear 
from you soon." 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinator Lisa 
Simmons or visit: 

In September, Corinne 
O ^y Guyett Norris and her 
yj *•* seven-year-old son, Nick, 
enjoyed the alumni event 
at Fenway Park when the Boston Red 
Sox played the Tampa Bay Rays. 

At Fenway: Corinne and Nick Norris. 

An update from Lisa Allen McGoff : 

"Hi, Class of 1982. I am presently not 
working with visiting nursing and am 
enjoying staying home for a few 
months. My oldest is in her second year 
of college, my middle child is a junior in 
high school, and my youngest is in 
middle school. I'm looking for my 
former roommate, Lisa Guerin, and 
would love to hear from her. Shari 
Stein Cutler is looking for her as well. 
We are on Facebook. Hope to hear 
from you or anyone else who'd like to 
get in touch and say hello. My email is:" 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 

Lasell Leaves • Spring 20 r 



1 • 

Class Notes 


If you would like to sponsor or help to organize 
an alumni event in the future, please contact: 

The Office of Alumni Relations 
1844 Commonwealth Avenue 
Newton, MA 02466-2716 

Call 617-243-2139 or 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinator Jill Blanchard 
Sommer or visit: 

An update from Beth 
Pransky: "Graduating 
from Lasell's Physical 
Therapy Assistant (PTA) 
program is one of the best things 
I ever did. My career would never 
be what it is today. I now have a 
college-age daughter and a few of her 
friends are considering Lasell. I highly 
recommended it to them. " 

Andrea Callahan Russo 
O ^7 and her daughter, 
O / Amanda Russo '13, 

stopped by the Office 
of Alumni Relations on move-in day 
to participate in the Open House 
for Legacies, meet the Institutional 
Advancement staff and enjoy some 

Legacies: The Russos. 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinator Stormy 
Horton Bell or visit: 

Myung-Mi Lee and her 

Los Angeles family recently 
enjoyed a vacation in her 
native Osaka, Japan. 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinator Kathy Yates 
or visit the website: 

Stacy Rawson Sheldon 

had this to say about 
the birth of her third 
son in April 2009: 
"CJ had a rough start but is doing great 
now. It took Brady a while to come 
around to being a big brother, but 
Ty is a pro. My cousin, Rich Bruno '07, 
is his godfather." 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinator Shakira 
Watson King or 
visit the website: 

Erin Andrews and her fiance plan to 
live in Middleboro, MA. 

Michelle Dalrymple 

A1 has joined CEO Inc., 
\J ~J an executive search firm 
in Charlotte, NC, as 
executive assistant to the president. 

Jenn Edwards says, "Hey, class of 
2003. I work for Montefiore Medical 
Center in the NY metro area as a 
project management coordinator. I also 
model and design clothing for special 
occasions. Hope everyone is well." 

In January, Alicia 
f\ A Cranford Corrigan 
V/ i started on her master's 
degree in early childhood 
education at Cambridge (MA) College. 
She says, "I will hopefully graduate in 
spring 2010." 

For more information, 
contact your reunion 
coordinators Natalie 
Gillard and Chantel Daley 
or visit the website: 

In October, Chantel Daley '05/MSM 

'07 opened a kiosk of her one-of-a- 
kind jewelry at Legacy Place Mall in 
Dedham, MA. She takes custom orders, 
offers gift certificates, coordinates 
home parties and will mail 
internationally. Check out her website: 

Stacy George Scarsella, senior art 
buyer for TJX, was a guest speaker 
at Boston Fashion Week, held at the 
Park Plaza Hotel in October 2009, 
designed to market and promote 
fashion in Boston. 

Amanda Wasowski 

/~V^7 writes, "I graduated from 
\J I Case Western Reserve 
University's Mandel 
School of Applied Social Sciences 
in May 2009 with a master's of 
social science administration, the 
equivalent of an MSW. I am a social 
worker on the Child and Adolescent 
Psychiatry Unit at University Hospitals 
Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital 
in Cleveland." 

For more information, 
| contact your reunion 
| coordinators Gary Gay, 
Amanda Miller, Ashlinn 
O'Brien or visit the 

Katelyn Hammond has accepted 
the new position of Development 
Coordinator in the Institutional 
Advancement Office at Lasell 
College. She is also currently working 
toward a master's of science in 
management with a concentration 
in fundraising management and 
non-profit management. 

In the fall, Kayla McKenna spent 31 
days in Thailand. She had this to say: 
"The Thailand trip proved to be a most 
rewarding experience. I met many 
incredible people from all over the 
world. I traveled to Bangkok, Singburi, 
Suhpanburi and various islands in the 

north and south. I lived in the jungle 
for a week, explored caves, showered 
in waterfalls, worked with various 
orphanages, parasailed, fed baby tigers 
and elephants, visited the Grand 
Palace, lived with monks and saw the 
Ayathua temples and the ruins from 
the Burma War. The experience was 
definitely life changing." 

In Thailand: Kayla McKenna. 






Hk *^? Jfl 

•-_* a 

C"*'" > 


F^^'^k^rf* JB 


yf 4.* ^^ 

i ^^5 



Stylish Sendoff: Karen Gill, former Lasell Director of Alumni Relations, was feted with a 
farewell dinner by members of the Alumni Board. Shown at the September event, standing, 
left to right: Gloria Drulie Schluntz '50, Nancy Curtis Grellier '49, Jackie Paulding Hauser '50, 
Kathy Morgan Lucey '67, Marsha Keyes Tucker '64, Ann Mignosa '87, Nancye Van Deusen 
Connor '57, Lynn Blodgett Williamson '46. Seated, left to right: Joy Stewart Rice '55, Gill, Emily 
Alter, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations. 



\ ws&^M&ar^ 

In Delray: Alumni and friends enjoyed a private tour of the tropical gardens at the Sundy 
House in Delray Beach, Florida and a presentation by Dr. Joann Montepare, Director of Lasell's 
Fuss Center for Research on Aging and Intergenerational Studies. Shown at the February event, 
left to right: JoAnne Di Pietro DiMarco '55, Dr. Montepare, Ron Martin. 

I Fishing Families Stay Afloat 

Karen Campbell Murdoch '91 is the 
enthusiastic and hard-working president 
of Women of Fishing Families (WOFF), 
a Chatham, MA-based nonprofit 
volunteer organization dedicated to 
supporting the Cape Cod fishing 
community. Her WOFF work speaks not 
only to Murdoch's being the engaged 
wife of commercial fisherman David 
Murdoch, but also to a lifelong affinity 
for the water that began during 
childhood summers in Ogunquit, Maine. 

"I spend a lot of time with fishermen's 
wives," Murdoch says. "Their lives, and 
those of their families, are difficult. The 
goal of WOFF is to be there for them 

Class of '91: Karen Campbell Murdoch on board. 

emotionally and financially." To that 
end, WOFF's biggest projects have 
been revitalizing the Chatham Maritime 
Festival, which culminates in the 
Blessing of the Fleet, and raising 
scholarship money for deserving 
fishing family high-schoolers. 

Before relocating to the Cape in 2000, 
Murdoch was a ski coach for children 
in New Hampshire and worked on 
youth programs and family resources 
in Maine. When not busy with WOFF, 
Murdoch, who hold', a Lasell degree 
in early childhood education, is the 
youth service librarian at Barnstable's 
Sturgis Library. 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 



Erin Andrews '00 to Jeff LaBelle 

Sarah Armstrong '07 

to Justin Woodside 

Noelle O'Leary '07 

to Phillip O'Loughlin '07 

Stephanie Kana '08 
to Josh Montinieri '08 


Linda Kelterborn Johnson '69 to 

Lee Spencer, Jr. on September 12, 2009 

Angela Perry '97 to Ryan Place 

on July 4, 2008 

Katelyn Macilvane '04 

to James Craig on September 4, 2009 

Tracey Maloney '04 to Frank 
Michienzi on October 17, 2009 

Stacy George '05 to 

Dean Scarsella '03 on June 20, 2009 

Estela Hernandez '07 

to Josue Zuniga on March 7, 2009 

Stacy Rawson Sheldon '98, a son, 
Caleb Joseph "CI," on April 16, 2009 


Clara Giarla Albiani '31 

Marjorie Jones Joslyn '34 

on February 4, 2010 

Dorothy Friend Sacrey '35 

on December 11, 2009 

Blanche Bourke Crabb '36 

on August 4, 2009 

Merrill Brown Lett '38 

on November 30, 2009 

Florence Evans McLaughlin '40 

on July 4, 2009 

Hilda Anderson Quist '41 

Dorothy Brewer Carlson '41 

on November 14, 2009 

Grace Johnson Johnson '42 

on January 23, 2010 

Olive Nolan '44 on December 4, 2009 

Maxine Williamson Luther '44 

on November 4, 2009 

Carol Birath Dennison '47 

Betty MacNeil Lentini '47 

on October 30, 2009 

Suzanne Pearce Schultz '47 

on November 21, 2009 

Barbara Woods Walsh '47 

on January 16, 2010 

Virginia Bailey McAllister '48 

on September 8, 2009 

Patricia Greenhalgh Barrows '48 

on July 1, 2009 

Joan Baker Pennell '50 

on February 17, 2009 

Louise Marston Donnelly '51 

in December 2009 

Barbara Walsh Patterson '51 

on June 9, 2009 

Marguerite Rudolf Mesinger '52 

on April 20, 2004 

Anita Woodis Stewart '52 

on July 27, 2009 

Barbara Brigham Bonvallat '53 

on December 12, 2009 

Joan Hodgson Kangas '53 

on August 7, 2009 

Beverly Thornton Hallowed '53 

on October 11, 2009 

Sally Spicer Frazier '55 

on August 26, 2008 

Priscilla Driggs Bevin '56 

on December 8, 2009 

Elizabeth Larrabee '56 

on January 13, 2010 

Ellen Cochrane Berry '58 

on August 25, 2009 

Marilyn Burns Alden '59 

on December 29, 2009 

Brenda Miller Bergstrom '59 

on November 9, 2009 

Deborah Philips Abbott '60 

Nancy Curtis Touw '68 

on October 6, 2008 

Jan Jacobs Hyde '68 

in August 2009 

Denise Beauchene Currier '69 

on October 7, 2009 

Judith Plummer Doherty '69 

on January 31, 2010 

Robert Burgess, former art teacher, 
on July 11,2009 

Margaret Ford, former faculty, 
in April 2009 

MaryLouisa "May" Parker, 

former staff, on May 14, 2009 

James Pollock, former Academic 
Dean, on July 30, 2009 

Howard Zinn, 1922-2010 

Lasell College lost a friend, neighbor and distinguished visiting scholar with 
the death of historian Howard Zinn in January. An academic, activist, author and 
playwright, Zinn is best remembered for his history text, A People's History of The 
United States, which continues to teach millions about the hidden traditions of 
protest, resistance and rebellion in America. 

The Boston University professor emeritus spent a week on the Lasell campus 
as the Donahue Institute for Values and Public Life Scholar in 2005, visiting 
classrooms and giving a public lecture entitled "Civil Liberties in Wartime." 

Commenting on Zinn's death, Sociology Professor Tessa LeRoux, Director of the 
Donahue Institute, tells Leaves, "We honor the memory of this great human being 
who taught us to, in his words, 'assert our allegiance to the human race.' The 
Donohue Institute hopes to carry his message forward as we advance our mission 
to foster awareness of the importance of a civil society and to create sensitivity to 
the moral dimensions of choices individuals make." 


Your support of Lasell College through a gift to the Annual 
Fund provides students with additional resources in the library, 
better equipment in athletics and essential funds for grants 
and scholarships. Every gift makes a difference in educating 
Lasell students. Please participate by June 301 

Haegan Forrest 

Director of Annual Giving 
and Constituent Relations 

Annual Fund 

By the Numbers 

• Annual Fund 2010 Goal: $750,000 

• Gifts and pledges as of early March: $590,659 (79%) 

• Average gift from alumni in 2010: $227 

• Number of gifts from alumni: 1,131 

• Number of gifts from non-alumni: 416 

• New gifts and pledges needed: $159,341 

• Alumni participation goal: 15% 

• Number of alumni gifts needed to reach 1 5%: 869 

Bragging Rights: 

The senior class won the 
2010 Class Gift Challenge, 
the participation and 
fundraising competition 
that benefits the College's 
Annual Fund, with 18% 
participation and $400 
raised. Some 200 students 
joined in this year's 
Challenge — more than 
three times the number 
who participated last year. 
Shown, Class of 2010 
Secretary Zach Lambert and 
Vice President Samantha 
Plack at the Activities Fair. 

Patti Beck Bishop '97 

Keeping Her Lasell 
Connections Alive 

Patti Beck Bishop is described by 
most who know her as a breath of 
fresh air and a bundle of enthusiasm. 
As a student she was the recipient 
of the Lasell Lamp, Lasell Chair and 
Lasell Bowl awards. As an alumna, 
she serves as Chair of the College's 
Board of Overseers and served on the 
Alumni Board of Management, where 
she was president. 

Bishop was also the recipient of the 
Lasell Medallion. She gives back to 
Lasell College in multiple ways. Leaves 
recently sought her out to discuss 
her generosity. 

Leaves: What is your hometown? 

Bishop: Poughkeepsie, NY, although 
I've been living in the Boston area since 
graduating from Lasell. 

Leaves: What is your occupation? 

Bishop: I recently made a career 
change and am a medical assistant. 

Leaves: What year did you 
graduate Lasell? 

Bishop: 1997 

Leaves: And, what was your major? 
Bishop: Fashion Merchandising. 

Leaves: What is your best memory 
about Lasell? 

Bishop: It's hard to pick one "best 
memory;" there are so many! Some 
of my top memories are producing 
fashion shows, participating in the 
Torchlight Parade and being a 
commencement speaker. 

Leaves: What are your interests now? 

Bishop: My current focus has been on 
school, switching careers and spending 
time with my new daughter, Emily. 

Leaves: Why do you give to LaselPs 
Annual Fund? 

Bishop: I give to the Annual Fund 
because I want to help current and 
future students have the same 
wonderful experience I did at Lasell. 
I know the Annual Fund goes to a 
number of projects/initiatives to help 
grow the College and offer the best 
education to the students. 

I also feel strongly about giving back to 
a place that gave me so much, not just 
an education, but also experience, 
friendships and even jobs! 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 



Tftere are many ways to structure a gift to 
Lasell that matches your passion with your 
philanthropy. Contact us to see if one can 
meet your charitable and financial objectives. 

Katharine Urner-Jones '83 

Director of Development 


Leadership Donor Recognition Dinner Celebrates Style and Innovation 

The Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline was the 
Sf^O jj I setting for the annual Leadership Donor Recognition 

jflf^l^^'Mii I Dinner in October 2009. The festive evening featured 
|| gal guest speaker Dr. Richard Light of Harvard's Kennedy 
School of Government on "Learning From Our 
Students: Concrete Examples for Helping Every Student 
to Succeed and Prosper at Lasell," an exhibition on "The Style and Innovation 
of the American Automobile," stylish and innovative fashions from students in 
the Lasell Fashion program, combined with American autos from the Museum's 
collection, and a sneak preview of "The Art of Fashion: The Yolanda Collection" 
(see page 3). Below, some attendees at the elegant soiree. 

Top row, left to right: 

• Center for Creative and Applied Arts Honorary Co-Chairs Tom and Olivia McDonough 
with their daughter Meghan, Lasell '10 (modeling a couture gown donated by Yolanda). 

• Trustee Sue Moran and Charles (Chuck) Moran P'1 1 . 

• Overseer Jo-Ann Vojir Massey '51 and Dwight Massey. 

• Wanda Whitmore and Trustee Chair Eric Turner. 

Bottom row, left to right: 

• Trustee Jack Maguire and Linda Maguire P'10. 

• President Michael B. Alexander and Dr. Richard Light. 

• Trustees Helena Bentz Hartnett and John Pilitsis. 

• Mary Barbara Alexander. 

Carol Bancroft's Gift for the Future 

Carol "Kitten" 
Bancroft, a 
member of the 
Class of 1951, 
came to Lasell 
from Greenwich, 
Connecticut. She 
was an active 
member of 
the student body, involved with the 
Speakers' Bureau, Orphean, Outing 
Club, Prom Committee, Workshop 

Players, softball team, Lasell News and 
June Fete committee. In the 1951 Lasell 
Lamp, Carol is described as artistic, 
poetic and frank — characteristics that 
defined her throughout her life. 

After graduating from Lasell, she 
received her BFA in 1 954 from the 
Rhode Island School of Design. Carol 
made art her life's work, beginning 
her career at McGraw Hill Publishing, 
McCall's Magazine and Ladies Home 

Journal. For much of her professional 
life, Carol owned Carol Bancroft & 
Friends, representing 40 children's 
books illustrators to a client base of 
over 2,000. 

Carol had a special place in her heart 
for the College. A consistent $25 donor 
to the Annual Fund, in 2004 she 
decided to include Lasell in her estate 
plans. In her Will, she made a bequest 
for unrestricted purposes, giving Lasell 

the freedom to use the gift wherever it 
is most needed. 

"There is no bequest too modest, no 
legacy too insignificant," says Ruth 
Shuman, Vice President for Institutional 
Advancement. "When Carol died in 
2006, Lasell received a bequest 
distribution of $12,712, helping her 
spirit endure at the school she loved." 


Explorers: Kevin Jean "13 and Barn sisters Rachel (left) and Sarah review the route. 

Hunting 'Treasure' at The Barn 

How "nature deficit disorder" is affecting children in today's technologized world 
was the focus for Psychology Professor Amy Wagenfeld and her First Year Seminar 
(FYS) students last fall. To examine the question, FYS students and preschoolers 
from Lasell's Barn and Holway Child Study Center partnered for an on-campus 
treasure hunt seeking "leaves, grass, sticks and flowers." 

"Being outside together, experiencing the freedom of exploring our green 
world," co-facilitator Kasey Looney "12 says, "made everyone realize how 
restorative nature can be." 

High Achievers 

Good Eye: 
David Carlson 

Lasell Professor David Carlson 

not only engages his students 

in the subtleties of the criminal 

justice system, he also teaches 

them about the vision and 

composition of photography. 

A more recent interest for David, 

photography began making 

its way into his undergraduate 

criminal justice classes only a 

few years ago. Around the same 

time, he also volunteered his very talented services to Lasell's Institutional 

Advancement Office, which produces the President's Annual Report and the 

alumni newsletter, Leaves. Many of the excellent photos you have seen in 

these publications come through David's delicate lens. For this issue of Leaves, 

he orchestrated the photo shoots that produced new portraits of President 

Michael B. Alexander (page 2) and Dean Steven Bloom (page 8). As David 

looks to spend more time with photography and prepares to retire from Lasell, 

we at the Institutional Advancement and Communications Offices thank him 

for his generous time, his flexibility and his sense of humor. We hope to 

continue to feature his wonderful work in the pages of our publications. 

Thank you, David! 


Leaving Las Vegas with Life Lessons 

Ten Lasell students boarded a plane for Las Vegas in mid-March for Spring 
Break. But this was no ordinary trip. These students sought out Vegas not 
for its night life but for the number of homeless youth who congregate in 
the area. It was the theme for their Alternative Spring Break. 

For a week, these Lasell undergrads volunteered in soup kitchens, spoke 
with young people, provided community service assistance — and 
learned a lot about themselves in the process. 

To read student blogs about the Las Vegas experience, go to: 





Lasell Village 

Village Life? 'I Feel Like I'm Home' 



I* -. 


••^^■H 99 

: i*>. 


Paula Panchuck. 

Ten Years and Going Strong 

As we enjoy the 1 0th anniversary of the opening 
of Lasell Village, it's hard to get the old saying 
"time flies" out of my head! 

Wasn't it just yesterday that Villagers-to-be 
trudged through the mud and stairwells of 
unfinished construction during our aptly named 
"Dusty Shoe" tour, checking out their new 
home and meeting their new neighbors? Didn't 
the parade of moving vans that accompanied 
the flood of first year "move ins" just complete 
their route among the original 14 buildings? 
Didn't we just hear that we are already full and 
need to construct a 1 5th building at the top of 

the hill... no, wait, a 16th building that will complete the circle of connections of 

each building with the others? 

Now home to well over 200 residents, Lasell Village has truly become the 
premier retirement community that its original planners and marketers predicted 
it would be. As a vibrant living and learning community, the Village immediately 
dispelled early concerns that its required continuing education component of 
residency would never be an attractive or viable option in the retirement housing 
universe. Instead, Lasell Village has become an internationally recognized model 
of the blending of an active physical and intellectual lifestyle with high quality 
services and care in a retirement setting. Similarly, Lasell House, the Village's 
skilled nursing and short-term rehabilitation facility serving Greater Boston, has 
emerged as a five-star health care facility, consistently ranked a "top performer" 
by state evaluators. 

Throughout our 10th-anniversary year, residents and staff will proudly celebrate 
Lasell Village as a delightfully unique community in which to live and work. 
When the festivities end, we will get started on the next 10 years. If the 
upcoming decade is anything like the first, I can't wait to see the wonderful 
things in store for all of us! 

Paula Panchuck, Ph.D. 

Vice President for Lasell Village 

Lasell College Alumna and Lasell Village 
resident Ann Mignosa '87 is the 
ultimate incumbent. 

First, she became tied to the College 

through her husband Sebastian 

Mignosa who was a 

business teacher at 

Lasell for many years. 

During that time, she 

took classes toward an 

associate's degree, 

which she completed 

in 1987. 

Later as an active alumna, she 
served on Lasell's Alumni Board 
of Management and Presidential 
Search Committee. 

Then in 2000, she became connected 
to the College in a deeper way — when 
she moved into Lasell Village on its very 
first day of operation. 

In honor of Lasell Village's 1 0th 
anniversary, Leaves met with Mignosa 
at the Village and asked her to reflect 
on her decade as a resident and what 
the Village means to her. 

Leaves: Do you remember the day 
you moved in? 

Mignosa: It was May 1 5, 2000. 
I moved in, and another couple also 
moved in, except it was furniture first. 
They didn't have the occupancy permit 
yet, so they put us up in the Newton 
Holiday Inn (now Hotel Indigo). The 
following week more people moved in, 
and they kept on coming. Everyone was 
very excited. I brought a shrub with me 
from my old house, and they planted 
it in my garden around my patio. 

It's been fun. I love it here, and I have 
no regrets. 

Leaves: The intergenerational 
aspect of Lasell Village in its classes 
is unique. Do the residents really 
enjoy that? 

Ann Mignosa. 

Mignosa: They [the students] really 
don't mind us being there. At first, I 
wondered, "What are these kids going 
to think?" I remember in one class we 
were asked to design a book cover. 
I was writing a family history for my 
grandchildren, so I designed a cover for 
that. After my presentation to the class, 
one of the students said, "I wish you 
were my grandmother." I think the 
experience brings us closer to our own 

Leaves: So, who really is a Villager? 

Mignosa: A person who reads and is 
current with events. We go to the 
opera and the theater. We take trips to 
museums, and we have several book 
clubs. We care about the daily news — 
the current buzz is 'what did you take 
for classes?' 

Leaves: What would you like others 
to know about the Village? 

Mignosa: It's the friendliness plus the 
education and the location. You see 
people smiling in the corridors. It's a 
warm place. I feel like I'm home. 



- A Decade and Countin 

\ O 

Charter Members: Villagers Dorothy Lambert (left) and Zella Mervis (right) with Celeste Harring. 

Open Doors in 
May and June 

Lasell Village's 10-year anniversary 
milestone will be celebrated in 
several installments over the course 
of May and June. 

In May, the Village will hold a 
week's-worth of events and activities 
for members of the Lasell Village 
and Lasell College communities. 
Included on that roster is a kick-off 
celebration with College President 
Michael B. Alexander and President 
Emeritus Thomas de Witt. Invitees 
include PBS personality Loretta 
LaRoche, the Village's Voices 
of Experience singers and other 
musical groups. 

On Thursday, June 10— 10.10.10 — 
the Village will host Lasell Village 101: 
Everything You've Always Wanted to 
Know, an open house for the general 
public. For updates and specifics, go to 


Lifelong Learning 

Behind the Scenes 

Leaves: What is your position at the Village? How long have you 
been there? 

Celeste Harring: I am currently Assistant to the Dean of Lasell Village 
and have held this position since our opening in 2000. It has been 
a rewarding experience working for Dr. Paula Panchuck and helping 
to manage the everyday happenings of the education department 
and the Learning Program for the residents. In 1972, in the early 
pre-construction era of the Village, I was hired as the marketing office 
manager and was the second employee of the original start-up team. 
Our offices were at the Yamawaki Art and Cultural Center, which is 
where my Village journey started. 

Leaves: How have you seen the Village evolve over the last 
10 years? 

Harring: Structurally, I have seen the Village grow from 14 original 
buildings containing 162 units to 16 buildings and 188 units. All are 
ndependent living apartments connected by linkways. There are also 
classrooms in these buildings. This includes Lasell House, our skilled 
nursing rehabilitation facility, which opened in October 2000. It is 
managed by Genesis Health Care. I have also watched the Village 
staff grow from six to 181 combined employees of Lasell Village, 
Lasell College and Genesis Health Care. 

Leaves: Can you describe what it is like to work with the 
residents of the Village? 

Harring: The residents are a joy to work with. I am enthused 
and guided by their involvement and dedication to their lifelong 
learning activities including Village and College courses, lectures 
and intergenerational programs, fitness and cultural programs. 
They share their knowledge and wisdom in a natural and 
caring way. All of this, along with the best sense of humor, 
is displayed on a daily basis which relates to our positioning 
statement of "A passion for living, learning and laughter. " 

Leaves: What is the workplace culture like at the Village? 

Harring: It is an outstanding place to work. Employees are treated with 
respect and dignity, and there is a wonderful sense of caring for one 
another. They are a marvelous and diverse group of individuals, with 
54% minority representation. Personally, I think of the Village as my 
second home and family. I enjoy my work here, and it's great to be able 
to say, "I love my job!" 

Where TheClassroom Is The Real World 

Lasell Leaves • Spring 2010 


' ; I : -> ife^i&l 

I - 1 1 *,kr'4i : !K 


Steve Yankopoulos'07 

Hoop Dreams, 

Granite State- Style 

What, exactly, does the owner of a minor league basketball team 
do? Just about everything, according to Steve Yankopoulos '07. 

"It's crazy," says Yankopoulos, co-owner 
of the Manchester (NH) Millrats, part of 
the Premier Basketball League (see Jose 
Guitian story, below). "I handle player 
contracts and deal with financials, drive 
the team van to practices and cultivate 
charity relationships, even work on stats 
and game-day operations, sometimes 
including broadcasting." 

As a Sport Management major running 
cross country at Lasell, Yankopoulos 
imagined becoming a sports agent 
when he graduated. Instead, an 
undergraduate internship with the 
Cape Cod Frenzy ABA basketball team 

led to a fateful conversation with a 
Hyannis businessman and. ..slow 
dissolve to the fall of 2007, he is one 
of five partner-owners of the Millrats. 

A native of Londonderry, NH (where he 
still spends time when not at his Lynn, 
MA residence), Yankopoulos tells 
Leaves he's always been interested in 
"sports, finance and travel." A perfect 
match with his current Millrats gig, 
where he gets to indulge in all three. 
"We've taken the team — 26-12 in 
our first season — as far as Singapore, 
Malaysia, Hong Kong and Thailand," 
Yankopoulos says, adding, "It's all 

Millrats Man: Yankopoulos at center court. 

about mentoring players and helping 
them get to the next level." 

Case in point, fellow Lasell alum 
Guitian. "Jose is a very versatile player," 
Yankopoulos says. "He got some looks 
while he was at Lasell and again with 
the Millrats. I think his going to Puerto 
Rico is a great step for his career." 

In the off season, Yankopoulos is busy 
writing a script about living with Cystic 
Fibrosis, a subject he knows firsthand. 
"I've had CF since birth," he tells 
Leaves, "and I've welcomed it into my 
life. It has motivated me and made me 

who I am today." In that spirit, he's 
active in the charitable side of raising 
money to advance Cystic Fibrosis 
research, coaches varsity basketball at his 
alma mater, Londonderry High, and has 
run several Boston Marathons. 
The busy young businessman has high 
praise for faculty and staff at Lasell 
and recalls his time on campus as 
"formative," signaling the Sport 
Management program as "unique in 
that it introduces the business aspect 
of the field." Faculty and staff, he adds, 
"listen to you, rather than 'hear' you. 
They valued my input and were really 
there for me in terms of guidance 
and academics." 

Down the road, Yankopoulos imagines 
himself a venture capitalist in investment 
or real estate finance. More importantly, 
he adds, will be "keeping charitable 
work front and center. Giving something 
back will always be a priority for me." 

On Guard: Lasell #24 in action. 

Taking His Shot 

Jose Guitian Powers Forward 

As a record-breaking basketball player for Lasell, Jose Guitian made 
a mark on campus last year. Now, as an alum, he's hoping to shine 
on a professional basketball court. 

Guitian had the Lasell campus on the 
edge of its seat last spring, as he broke 
school records for points scored and 
rebounds. As a senior, he averaged 
18.6 points, 1 1 .7 rebounds, 3.0 assists 
and 2.4 blocks per game and regularly 
received NCAA Division III conference 
mentions and honors. 

Since graduation last May, Guitian 
has been tearing up the court for 
professional teams in Puerto Rico 
and in nearby Manchester, NH. 

"I played in Puerto Rico last year, and 
I signed a one-year deal. Then, they 
saw me again," says Guitian. 

The Humacao Caciques, a professional 
team in Puerto Rico's Basketball 
Superior National league, saw Guitian 
with the Millrats and wanted him back. 
, They offered him a new, two-year deal 
in February. 

"My family is from Puerto Rico, and 
I've never lived there," adds Guitian, 
a Miami, FL native. "This league is in 
theTop-10 [professional] leagues. 
I'm trying to build my resume." 

Guitian got a good start on that resume 
while at Lasell. 

Aaron Galletta, Lasell Men's Basketball 
Coach, credits Guitian with helping 
the College return to the NCAA 
tournament last year. 

"Jose was special for us. It is not 
very often you find a 6'9" player at 
this level with the tools he had. 
He was a great leader for us, both 
on and off the court," says Galletta, 
who stays in regular contact 
with Guitian. 

Jump Shot: Guitian gets a good look. 

"It was great for the school to have a 
student-athlete like Jose," Galetta 
adds. "He knew how to handle himself 
and the adversity that comes with a 
basketball season." 

Guitian has high expectations for 
himself and fully intends to make a 
positive impact with his new team — 
it's all part of the plan. 

"I'm hoping this summer to get a few 
NBA workouts, go on from there and 
then, maybe, play in Europe," 
says Guitian. 

No matter where he lands, Lasell will 
be cheering him on. 

Chris Johnson '09 

Connects Learning and Career 

Running, lifting, training, coaching — 
it's all in a day's work for alumnus 
Chris Johnson '09. 

Whether running hills in preparation 
for a marathon, training clients at the 
Boston Sports Club in Newton or 
coaching Lasell students as Assistant 
Track and Field Coach, there is no doubt 
Johnson has a zeal for athletics. 

His lifelong passion for fitness is what 
first brought Johnson to Lasell and what 
he built upon as an undergraduate, 
and now as a graduate student here. 

"I'd always wanted to work in the 
fitness industry, and I had many 
opportunities at Lasell as a Sport 
Science major to try different avenues 
in this career," says Johnson, who was a 

three-time Track and Field MVP and 
Scholar Athlete of the Year as 
an undergrad. 

Johnson came to Lasell with a desire 
to learn more about fitness, and has 
stayed on in the graduate program 
to learn more about himself and how 
to succeed in that arena. 

"I chose to stay with Lasell for my 
graduate degree because of the 
individualized attention I received 
and the great friends I made during 
my undergrad years," Johnson says, 
adding, "I learned a lot about the 
real world and myself. I learned 
how to be a leader." 

As a graduate student, Johnson is 
determined to keep his connection 
to undergrads alive and is continuing 
to do just that by maintaining his 
coaching position. 

"I am still close with a lot of people 
here, and I want to stay connected 
to the track and field team," he says. 

Now, as a personal trainer at Boston 
Sports Club, Johnson is building 
a plan for his own business with 
the lessons he is learning in the 
graduate program. 

"Lasell," Johnson says, "has 
helped prepare me for my future 
career goals." 

New Master' s Degree 
in Sport Management 

As part of Lasell College's Strategic Plan to offer four new graduate-level 
programs by 2012, President Michael B. Alexander has announced the 
approval of a new Master of Science degree in Sport Management to be 
offered this fall. Sport Management is the second of these new degrees to 
complete the approval process. Lasell's MS in Communication degree began 
in spring 2009. The MS in Sport Management is designed to meet COSMA 
(Commission on Sport Management Accreditation) requirements. 

"This new graduate degree is an important component of Lasell's 
Strategic Plan and will build upon the current undergraduate 
offerings in Sport Management ," President Alexander says, adding, 
"Graduates of the program will be able to take advantage of 
growing opportunities in sports retail and event venues in the area, 
such as Patriot Place in Foxboro." 

The new degree program is geared toward those looking for a career in 
sport management, combining courses in management, leadership and 
marketing. The College's Master of Science in Sport Management will 
offer online/ hybrid courses, with concentrations in Sport Leadership, Sport 
Hospitality or Non-profit Sport Leadership. The MS program includes 12 
courses (36 credits) built around a seven-course core curriculum, providing 
a solid foundation in sport management, plus a capstone experience 
consisting of an internship or thesis. The program also provides a unique 
opportunity for Lasell Hospitality and Event Management undergraduate 
students to pursue the College's 5th Year Option and earn an MS in 
Sport Management. 

"The sport business is a multi-billion dollar industry that requires individuals 
with exceptional leadership, managerial and decision-making abilities," says 
Dr. Robert Prior, Chair/Associate Professor of Sport Management for Lasell. 
"In today's competitive job market, this program will provide students with 
the qualifications, knowledge and essential skills for a successful career in 
the sports industry." 

web extra 

For more, go to asp 

Division III 


The goals of the Lasell College 
Athletic Department are four-fold, 
according to Kristy Walter, Director 
of Athletics. "To strive for excellence 
in education and athletics, to build 
character, to instill pride and to 
provide an equitable experience 
for all student-athletes." 

And being part of an NCAA (National 
Collegiate Athletic Association) 
Division III program is integral to 
providing such a comprehensive 
educational approach, she adds. 
"We strive to create a balance of both 
competitive athletics and excellent 
academics," Walter says. "The focus 
of our D-lll program is on the welfare 
of our student-athletes and not on 
the spectators or the entertainment 
value of the sport." 

In keeping with Division Ill's mission, 
participation in athletics at Lasell 
provides valuable "life lessons" 
for student-athletes, among them 
teamwork, discipline, perseverance 
and leadership, which often translate 
into becoming better students and 
more responsible citizens. 

Kristy Walter. 

"Overall, Lasell's athletic 
program is committed to 
developing student-athlete 
potential by complementing 
the educational program and 
vice-versa," Walter adds. 
"Our student-athletes 
participate in competitive 
sports as they re ain the full 
spectrum of college life." 

Where The Classroom Is The Real World 

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I I - 

Former Rivals: Together We Win 



rti Qlten 


Pro TouC^_ 

Roommates and Teammates. 

Freshmen Spencer Parker and Max 
Vaughan share a secret. Growing up 
in neighboring Connecticut towns and 
playing volleyball for rival high schools, 
they never imagined they would 
become teammates on the Lasell Men's 
Volleyball Team — much less McClelland 
roommates and best friends. 

"We had a grudge in high school. We 
both knew of each other our freshman 
and sophomore years, we never really 
talked and we didn't really like each 
other," says Vaughan, a Wethersfield, 
CT native. Not only did they play high 
school volleyball against each other, 
they competed in JV basketball, as well. 
In their junior year, Parker, who hails 
from Newington, CT, and Vaughan 
played for a club team that made it into 
national competition. During nationals, 
they roomed together and "kind of 

separated ourselves from the rest of 
the team," Parker recalls. The boys 
even joked about Vaughan transferring 
so they could play together during 
senior year. 

Although both were comfortable with 
being good friends from competing 
towns, not everybody appreciated their 
unlikely friendship. In fact, Parker adds, 
"People hated us for it." 

Not the case at Lasell, where both 
agree college-level competition is 
"completely different, much more 
intense than high school." Rising to 
the challenge, Parker already has 
been named Great North Atlantic 
Conference (GNAC) Rookie of the 
Week three times, and Vaughan once. 

During a recent on-campus interview, 
the duo's easy manner was infectious. 
"We call each other Kobe [Bryant] and 
LeBron [James]," smiles Parker. Both 
volleyballers find competition in just 
about everything that they do, 
including jockeying for those GNAC 
Rookie of the Week titles. "If I don't 
get it, I hope he does. But I want it, 
too," adds Vaughan. 

Whether in the Nutmeg State or in 
Newton, for these star players, it's all 
in the game. 

Volleyball - 


Kobe and LeBron? Parker and Vaughan come to play. 

At Leaves's press time, the Men's Volleyball Team culminated its season with 
an 18-10 overall record, finishing third in the Great North Atlantic Conference 
(GNAC). In addition to freshmen Vaughan and Parker (see above) each being 
named GNAC Rookie of the Week, junior Mike Harrington (Billerica, MA) 
garnered a GNAC Player of the Week title. 

• I ■ .>.?r«-^ • 

, _jnF JjkT* „V 'Mill ^^^^HBIH_ 

M$M Hi 

Spring Sports PREVIEW 

Men's Baseball 

The inaugural season of the Lasell 
College Baseball Team was a true 
success story. The Lasers went 1 0-24 
overall and 6-10 in the Great 
Northeast Athletic Conference 
(GNAC) with a young team directed 
by Head Coach Jim Dolan. Lasell lost 
just two seniors to graduation in 
2009, have brought back a solid core 
of veteran players and are enjoying 
a spring season highlighted with 
firsts, including an opening-weekend 
win at St. Joseph's College in 
New York and a spring break trip 
to Fort Myers, FL where the Lasers 
played eight contests against tough 
out-of-region competition. 

Women's Softball 

The Lasell Softball Team looks to 
continue its winning ways in 201 0. 
The Lasers are coming off a successful 
year where they posted a 21-19 overall 
record while going 1 4-1 in the Great 
Northeast Athletic Conference (GNAC), 
finishing in the first round of the GNAC 
Tournament against Rivier College. 
Returning third-team All-Conference 
members include captain Tricia Culver 
(Northampton, MA) and junior Michelle 
Torres (Waltham, MA), along with 
first-team All-Conference junior Ashley 
Laramie (Lynn, MA). The team will 
also benefit from the veteran leadership 
of senior captain Kelly Barden (Quincy, 
MA) and junior captain Kelly Silvia 
(Oak Bluffs, MA), sophomore 
Jacqueline Saluti (Braintree, MA) and 
on the mound, Kirsten Mammola 
(North Reading, MA) and Jennie Beaton 
(Reading, MA). The season began 
with a spring break trip to Fort Myers, 
FL, where the team faced Top-1 
competition from around the nation. 

Men's Lacrosse 

The Lasers are coming off a disappointing 
2009 campaign, finishing the season 
5-10 and missing the Pilgrim League 
playoffs for the first time in three years. 
"We are an extremely young team this 
season," says Head Coach Tim Dunton, 
"but we are extremely pleased with our 
depth. I feel as though we can compete 
for a league championship." Schedule 
highlights include faceoffs against 
University of New England, Tufts, Bates, 
Trinity, Hamilton, Roger Williams and 
Keene State. The Lasers will visit Pilgrim 
League foes Springfield and Wheaton, 
while having a home contest with 
Babson. MIT, Norwich, Massachusetts 
Maritime and Clark finish out conference 
play. The 2010 Laser attack unit entered 
the season with a combined total of 
seven starts from a year ago. The 201 
season marks the last for the Lasers in 
the Pilgrim League, as they move into 
the Great Northeast Athletic Conference 
(GNAC) in 2011. 

Women's Lacrosse 

The 2009 season proved to be the 
strongest in Lasell Women's Lacrosse 
program history, earning their best 
record of 9-7 overall. The Lasers were 
honored with six Great Northeast 
Athletic Conference (GNAC) 
All-Conference awards, including Coach 
of the Year to first-year Head Coach 
Marushka Eddy, and two first-team 
and three second-team All-Conference 
awards. Returners include veteran 
Lasers Tina Canavan (Stonington, CT) 
and Kristen Coderre (Monson, MA), 
senior attack Andrea Ward (Hingham, 
MA) and junior midfielder Chelsea 
Caren (Redding, CT). Other key players 
returning to the Lasell mix this season 
are Kristen Noble (West Milford, NJ), 
Ariel Walmark (West Hartford, CT), 
April McGrath (Willow Grove, PA) 
and Riley Fickett (Nottingham, NH). 
In addition to seven new recruits, 
Lasell also returns senior midfielder 
Amanda Martin (Lowell, MA). 

Winter Sports UPDATE 

Women's Basketball 

The Lady Lasers Basketball Team 
completed its season with an overall 
record of 7-18 and 3-9 in the Great 
Northeast Athletic Conference (GNAC) 
and strong offensive contributions from 
senior Tricia Culver (Northampton, MA) 
with a 43.8 field goal percentage, and 
freshman Kim Archibald (Lewiston, 
ME) with a 46.2 field goal percentage. 
With one senior on the returning team, 
Lasell is busy strengthening its defense 
during the post-season. 

Men's Basketball 

The Lasell Men's Basketball Team ended 
its season with an overall record of 
1 1 -1 6 and 8-1 in the Great Northeast 
Athletic Conference, while advancing 
to the senrji-finals in the GNAC 
Tournament. Sophomore Javon Williams 
(Mattapan, MA) led the Lasers with a 
53.5 field gold percentage and 
a 71 .2 free throw percentage for the 
season. Williams also made the GNAC 
All-Conference Team and was one of 
1 6 top players from the region honored 
as an NCAA Division III Basketball 
All-Star. The Lasers will miss seniors 
Sean Joynes (Philadelphia, PA) and 
Charles Horton (Detroit, Ml). 

Track and Field 

The Lasell Men's and Women's Indoor 
Track and Field team had an exciting 
inaugural season in 2009-2010, 
competing in five regional meets, 
setting multiple school records and 
seeing many athletes rank in top spots 
along the way. At the 2010 MIT Co-Ed 
Invitational, the Lasers scored six new 
school records in an outstanding 
season-ending meet. Freshman Maura 
Moody (Winthrop, ME) set two 
individual records and two school 
records. Issac Montoya (El Paso, TX) 
garnered two individual school records 

for the Lasers, Matt Scully (Watertown, 
CT) finished sixth in the mile run and 
Patrick Slight (Franklin, MA) earned 
an eighth-place finish. Steve Petnn 
(Vernon, CT) had the top-placing 
performance for Lasell at MIT, taking 
third in the 200-meter. The Lasers will 
lose five senior athletes to graduation 
and look to continue their winning 
ways in the 2010-201 1 season. 

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